Saturday, April 21, 2007

Good Golly Miss Molly!

I'm baaaack - in fact, I've been back from Florida for a week and every day I wanted to post but first I had to fill the orders that came in while I was away and then I had to put up the Duets that arrived and then well.....Sweet Georgia arrived...more on that later and then when I finally thought I had it all under control, my daughter woke up at 5 am on Friday morning with the flu, so nothing got accomplished that day!

Florida was wonderful - two weeks of warm weather, swimming and shopping! I love Target! I want Target to move to Canada! I did visit a nice little shop in Punta Gorda but there wasn't much in the way of sock yarn. In fact, I really do think that there are two categories of knitters, yarn shop knitters and online knitters. This knitting community we have online is absolutely amazing. As we were driving south, I felt as if I knew people in all the states - in Pennsylvannia - it was - oh, I wonder if I'm near where Isobel lives. Crazy, eh?
I did even manage to get some knitting done while I was away and if you can possibly imagine it, a complete pair of socks. My Socks that Rock Sock Club socks - the pattern was from Favorite Socks. They are very comfy and I perhaps might be inspired to finish a pair more often so that I can actually wear them.

These lovelies are a big surprise! The pattern is the cover sock from Favorite Socks and the yarn is....well, ordered and paid for Pick Up Sticks. I won't tell - even with the threat of death - no one is going to pry this out of me! Just trust me, it's fantastic and you are going to love it!
This is I started last night because:
1. I saw Sarah's
2. I have no attention span when it comes to knitting, especially if it's something I haven't tried before
3. I thought some mindless knitting might be good!
It's a mitered square blanket made from Koigu Kersti that I have in my stash - I'm not sure I like how it's coming out but I can see some potential.
So....Sweet Georgia came in and went out - there were so many online (hundreds and hundreds of you!)all trying to buy at the same time! It lasted just a couple of minutes - even with the server glitch - might have been a crash! Paypal even had a hard time keeping up! All the orders are packed up and shipped - big hugs and big thank you's to all of you!


Isobel said...

Welcome back Connie, we missed you. So glad to hear that the trip was fun and I hope relaxing. You probably were near us if you came down I79, get off at Cranberry and onto 19 until you hit Wexford. Next trip let me know and we could meet for lunch, I know you all have to stop for lunch. I tried to get some of the SG but it did go like the wind. It's wonderful that your store is such a success, it couldn't happen to a nicer girl.

Valerie said...

Hi Connie! It's great to have you back; I missed reading your blog. Love your STR socks. I'm making the same pattern in a Posh yarn and it's a fun one. That book is full of great patterns.
Thanks for explaining about the Sweet Georgia. I got to see it, but that was as far as I got before it was all gone. Oh well, I got some last time and the colour is gorgeous. I made my daughter socks from it and she just made me a bookmark from the leftovers!

Karen said...

I have my fingers crossed that there will be Sweet Georgia again. I resisted ordering because there is only so much time in the day, a few too many deadlines, and other socks on the needles - not that I have anything against yarn that sits for a while, but I really am trying to stick to my resolution to knit as fast as I buy.

orange buttercat said...

I love how your STR turned out! I just joined the RSC so I just got Monsoon and the pattern. Since I don't knit cables yet I was at a loss for how to proceed. Thanks for empowering me to not worry about sticking with the pattern sent! I am going to use the pattern you did. Glad to have you back - I love reading your blog!

Miss Violet said...

Yeah, that was totally a hungry-sharks-on-chum experience right there. :) :)

Your socks look *fabulous*, and I'm loving the mitred square binky. It has that retro look going on. (And I'm *all* into the retro thing lately. It's scaring me.)


-- jlb said...

Wowee, I was wondering why I never even SAW the Sweet Georgia even though I was checking every day - just once a day must not be enough!

Your report on the 24th of the RSC #2 arrival raises my spirits though - maybe I'll get mine!