Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Now I'm All Messed Up

I thought I had things all figured out - at least in terms of my knitting - I was finishing the last clue of my Mystery Socks (both socks complete in Dye Hard Serendipitous Sock - yay me!), working away on the Effortless Cardigan and planning to do that pinwheel sweater out of Tanis (here's the colorway I want) BUT then I got to looking at the new Dream in Color Everlasting Sock Yarn - the colors are fantastic - truly so unique. There should be a shawl out of this - or maybe I could just open up the skeins and drape a bunch of them around my neck and call it a new trend? And if that's not enough to confuse me....then more arrives.

Dream in Color November Yarn arrives and it's like the colorway was designed specifically for me....

Oh right, and then Tanis blogged about this today - now if that is not enough to make you want to scream with joy at the very thought of knitting it then I don't know what it is.

And the very icing on the cake - you all know how much I love Through the Loops Mystery Socks while cruising around yesterday had me finding one from 2008 - I've 09 and I just finished 10 - don't you think I should have 08 too?

And completely on a random note - here's why we were very proud parents this weekend. It was the banquet for Emma's riding - she finished in second place in the Central East Division. Here she is with her dad and his parents.
Emma and her riding coach.

My kids and grandkids!

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