Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Look I'm Blogging Again...with Pictures even!

The camera cord is still at the store and I'm still at home but I did manage to scrape some blog worthy pictures together. First of all, stay tuned for a big announcement tomorrow! Now....on to the pics!

Here's my rug as it's been sitting since before Kitchener-Waterloo. I love rug hooking - it's the primitive form done with strips of hand dyed wool. I'm really pleased with my first try!

Here's the Fiddlehead Mitten (courtesy of Tanis Fiber Arts)it comes in 4 different colorways and I have 10 of each on order. I've almost finished one and it's quite a fast, simple knit considering how fabulous it looks. I'm just knitting the lining of the first mitt and that took just a few days to get that far. I do think these should be a must knit for Christmas gifts - but only for those worthy of your (or my)handknitting!

And another Tanis Fiber Arts project - sensing a theme here? This is my very, very favorite yarn and is quickly become the favorite of many other Pick Up Sticks knitters. We are going to have kits for the Baby Shane Blanket which Tanis designed to showcase her amazing tonal colorways. There's 8 colorways of this one and we are expecting 2 of each.

And finally my Lendrum Double Treadle - which I am about to tackle later this afternoon. I've got a workshop scheduled on November 7th but who could wait until then to spin because welll.......Tanis has roving. :)


Creativehands said...

Must. Have. Fiddle. Heads.
Sign me know what I'm talkin' about!

Anonymous said...

Nice progress pictures. The rug looks amazing and I am tempted to start another craft -no, no, no - finisn all those UFO's first - maybe not!

Monika said...

I like all your projects, especially the rug!!!

Chris said...

Those mitts are beautiful-will there be kits? Please please!!