Friday, January 09, 2009

No new knitting....

to report! I'm working on another WWII hat for my dad this time. He originally wanted green and white until I pointed out to him that his coat was grey and red. So it's grey Inca Gold with a red stripe out of Cascade Superwash. Then it's on to a Clapotis out of Casbah that's sitting in my knitting bag. I kind of made this crazy commitment to myself that I would finish up what's in my knitting bag and I'm cranky about it. I want to cast on something new!
I heard on the radio this morning that tomorrow night (Saturday) at 10:28 EST the moon will be bigger and brighter than it will be for the whole of 2009. So bright in fact that you should be able to read a newspaper outside and probably take digital pictures witout the flash. I think that will awesome!

Oh well I just got a surprise....Greg stopped in with coffee and iced cappucinos and while I was helping a customer he put this on my desk. A brand spanking new iPod touch - Emma bought one of these with her Christmas money and I was so taken with it, Greg surprised me with one today. He's a keeper that boy!

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Angela said...

Your old iPod must be heartbroken to be so cast aside.

I'll give it a good home, if you like.

Just so you don't feel guilty.